TRIGNY- an HD soundbar for your mobile phone

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Do you love watching your favorite movies and TV shows? Do you find yourself doing this more and more on your mobile phone or tablet?

And how about video calls with your friends or family? Or, simply listening to music together with your buddies?

The one thing that sucks most? Quite possibly - the tiny, tweet-like sound coming from the back or side of your mobile device.

Phones are just not designed to provide great sound experience because of those very basic rules of physics. It's “good enough” for a short video, but ruins the entire experience of a movie, TV show or watching sports.

So, what do you do to hear the sound better? Most probably – you use headphones. They surely give you better sound. But how about not hearing the doorbell ringing or your dog barking? How about not being able to share the watching and listening experience with friends?

Yes, headphones are great in offering you privacy but not that cool if that's not what you need though keep using them just because you don’t want the pathetic sound to ruin your movie experience.

Then you try using speakers. But again, the portable ones don’t give you much improvement and the good ones are too bulky to carry around.

What's your pain?

How about an audio gadget that has been designed specifically for movie and TV watching on mobile screens? Meet TRIGNY – the first HD soundbar for mobile phones!

TRIGNY firmly holds the phone in the perfect watching angle and combines a powerful front-firing tweeter, producing of virtually non-distorted high frequencies, with state-of-the-art woofer, able to deliver unbelievably deep bass, all from less than 2 cubic inches.

For a final touch of true HD sound, it runs CONEQ™ – the world’s most accurate automatic EQ algorithm.

If a mobile phone has become your new TV – TRIGNY will be your full range soundbar!

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We feel your pain of missing that great sound when watching Netflix, TV or just YouTube videos on your mobile, so a team with 25+ years of combined audio startup experience is working hard to bring TRIGNY to market!

We have finalized designs to make the body light yet sturdy. Now we’re on the mission to tailor-design all its acoustics and select the best quality parts for uncompromising performance. If things go as planned – we will start to gather product pre-orders in late 2017.

We want to make TRIGNY perfect on arrival, and you can help us!

If you are as excited as we are for bringing a product of new experience to the market, help us by funding of our bootstrapped development activities. We are happy to offer you a 50% price discount once TRIGNY will start product pre-ordering campaign or retail sales.

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